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Mango juice processing line mango juice processing plant cost

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Mango juice processing line mango juice processing plant cost

Brand Name : Shanghai Beyond

Model Number : BY-MPL

Certification : ISO9001/CE/SGS

Place of Origin : China

MOQ : One set/one line

Price : Negotiation

Supply Ability : 50 Sets Per Season

Delivery Time : 50-100 working days upon receipt of payment and confirmed the drawings

Packaging Details : PE film wrapping, or carbon steel frame packing, or wooden case packing as to clients’ requirement

Product Name : mango juice processing plant cost

Processing line type : Complete turn-key project

Juice yield : 50-75%

Fruit input brix : 10-20brix (fresh fruit)

End product brix : 60~72Brix( for concentrated )

Voltage : 380V 50Hz/110V 60hz/415V 50Hz

Operator needed : About 6-20persons

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Mango juice processing line mango juice processing plant cost

Mango juice processing line mango juice processing plant cost

A mango juice processing line typically consists of several key steps:

  1. Mango sorting: Fresh mangoes are sorted based on their size, ripeness, and quality. This ensures that only good-quality mangoes are used for juice production.

  2. Washing and peeling: The mangoes are thoroughly washed to remove any dirt or debris. Then, the skin is removed using a peeling machine.

  3. Cutting and destoning: The peeled mangoes are cut into smaller pieces and the stones are removed. This can be done manually or with the help of an automated machine.

  4. Pulping: The mango pieces are passed through a pulping machine, which separates the pulp from the skin and seeds. The resulting pulp is collected in a separate container.

  5. Juice extraction: The mango pulp is then processed further to extract the juice. This can be done using a hydraulic press or a juice extractor machine. The extracted juice is collected in another container.

  6. Filtering and pasteurization: The mango juice is filtered to remove any remaining impurities or solids. It is then pasteurized to kill any bacteria or pathogens present, ensuring the juice's safety and extending its shelf life.

  7. Packaging: The pasteurized mango juice is filled into bottles, cartons, or other suitable containers. The containers are sealed and labeled before being prepared for distribution.

It's worth noting that the specific machinery and processes used may vary depending on the scale of production and desired end product. Additionally, some manufacturers may choose to add preservatives, additives, or flavors to the juice during the processing stage.

Mango juice processing line mango juice processing plant cost


Brand Name: Shanghai Beyond
Model Number: BY-MPL05
Capacity 5-50T/H
Raw material Fresh Mango / pineapple
End product NFC fresh juice, concentrated juice, Concentrated juice, clear juice, ,cloudy juice
Juice yield 50-75%
Fruit input brix 10-20brix (fresh fruit)
End product brix 60~72Brix( for concentrated )
Package for end product Aseptic large bag in drum/ glass bottle/PET bottle, Gable top box/ brick shape carton
Certification: ISO9001/CE/SGS
Main material for machines SUS304 or SUS316
Place of Origin: China
Manufacturer history More than 10years
Voltage 380V 50Hz/110V 60hz/415V 50Hz
Power consumption(Kw) energy saving type, about 100-500kw,
Operator needed About 6-20persons
Cooling water consumption About 80-300M3
Steam consumption About 300-5000T/H,
Factory space needed About 500-5000Sqm
Warranty 12 months after commissioning

After sales service

Engineers available to service machinery overseas

Mango juice processing line mango juice processing plant cost

Production technology of mango juice

Mango juice production line includes the following equipment, but not all of them are essential.

Fruit Sorter

Fruit washing machine

Mango pulper

Vacuum degasser

Juice homogenizer

Juice pasteurizer

Fruit juice filling machine

Mango sorting technology

The sorting process is to check the raw materials to ensure the quality of mango juice. Mature is the best. The fruit sorter can help the staff deal with the immature, sick or rotten fruits.

Roller type mango sorter can be used to select spherical and oval fruits such as mango. The fruit sorter can work independently or connect with other mango juice processing machines. The roller bar is driven by a horizontally moving chain to push the mango forward and rotate at the same time. During this process, employees can observe from various angles and pick out unqualified products.

Mango sorter

Mango sorter has the following advantages:

The transmission shaft is made of stainless steel with stepless speed regulation device.

The rolling rod is made of stainless steel with smooth surface and no damage to the fruit surface.

The motor is equipped with a shield and the oil conduit is grounded. They contribute to a hygienic environment for fruit classification.

Mango washing technology

The mango juice production process is carried out by a surf type fruit washing machine. It is suitable for spherical and oval fruits. Under the washing of the high-pressure water pump, the fruit rolls and is washed by the tumbling water. Then, they are washed into the elevator and the next process is carried out by the inflow of water.

Features of mango processing line

The processing capacity is varied from 60 tons/day to 1500 tons/day;

The line is also suitable for processing the fruits that share the similar characteristics;

Using the high efficient of mango de-stoner to improve the mango output percentage effectively;

The production process fully automatic PLC control to save labor and facilitate production management;

Low-temperature vacuum evaporation ,Maximize reserve the flavor substances and nutrients also save energy.

Tubular UHT sterilizer and Aseptic filling machine, produce high-quality aseptic juice products

Automatic CIP cleaning ,ensure the entire line equipment of food hygiene and safety requirements

Mango juice processing line mango juice processing plant cost

Project samples:

No. Project information Place Remark
1 5T/H Pineapple crushing Kenya Crushing machine
2 2T/H pineapple juice processing line Sri Lanka Fresh fruit pre-processing project

6t/H Beverage

Production Line

Liaoning huludao Turnkey Project
4 3t/H Pectin Beverage Production Line Shandong yantai

Turnkey Project

5 24000 p/H PET honeysuckle Extraction Drink Pre-process Production Line Chongqing Xiushan

Turnkey Project


12t/H beverage

production line

Henan Sanmenxia

Turnkey Project

7 5 t/H Aloe Beverage Production Line Zhejiang jiaxing

Turnkey Project

8 Fruit processing machinery France Fruit processing machinery

Flow NO Name Model Specification Qty
A Fresh mango processing unit      
A-1 Clapboard elevator 5T/h SUS304 frame,stainless steel clapboard, by frequency controller 20~100RPM,conveyer chain is made of antisepsis material 1
A-2 Air-blow washer and sorting machine 5T/h stainless steel centrifugal pump ; oxygen pump; speed can be adjustable,size of elevator and sorting roller is φ51, sorting table with guardrail, platform is made of stainelss steel anti-skidding Checkered plates 1
A-3 Brush washer 5T/h material is SUS304, size of the machine is 4000×2000×1400mm, imported transducer, with manual fruit pusher,at bottom with spraying device for tap water spraying 1
A-4 Clapboard elevator 5T/h motor of the machine is 3kw,with gearbox, speed is 20~100RPM adjustable, stainless steel clapboard, 4500×1100mm 1
B Mango pulping unit      
B-1 Pulper and destoner compound 5T/H SUS304 frame,speed is adjustable by transducer 1
B-2 Screw conveyer for fruit core   made of SUS304 stainless steel, diameter of the screw is 300mm,U shape 3
B-3 Temporary storage tank 1000L SUS304,single layer,top mounted light view window fixture, CIP spraying ball, at bottom with flange connected outlet,with high/low level probe,4 adjustable legs 1
B-4 Screw pump 10T/H manually adjust the speed, pressure at outlet is 0.6Mp 2

Tubular heater


food sanitary grade. Tubular heating, with imported steam reducing valve system, temperature is manualy controled, with thermometer at outlet

B-6 Scraper type refiner 3T/H SUS304,stainless steel net hole ,variable frequency speed control,with adjustable outlet pressure 1
B-7 Buffer storage tank 1000L material is SUS304 stainless steel, single layer, round shape, half open type, outlet at bottom with flange connected, high/low level probe, pure water inlet 1
B-8 Platform for destoner,pulper and crusher   mild steel supporter, on surface with stainless steel checkered plate,dimension is 5000mm×2500mm,water drainage in central 1
B-9 Platform for pulper   mild steel supporter, on surface with stainless steel checkered plate,dimension is 3500mm×2500mm,water drainage in central 1
B-10 Crusher SUS304, tooth-type, with ABB motors, with sandblasting on the appearance 1
B-11 Belt press juier 5T/H sanitary mesh bag,SUS 304, full automatic 1
B-12 Double stage pulper 5T/H SUS304, first mesh 0.8mm , secondary mesh 0.4mm, power 18.5KW
SUS 304, first stage 0.8mm mesh, second stage 0.4mm mesh, power 18.5kw
C Evaporator and concentrating unit      
C-1 Buffer storage tank 3000L Material is SUS304 stainless steel, with PU isolation, cone top, outlet at bottom with flange connected,sealed manhole,ladder,high/low level probe, sample valve, top mounted standing agitator, anti-eddy plate at bottom, digital indicator thermometer, CIP spraying ball, adjustable legs 2
C-2 Centrifugal pump 10T/H Sanitary food grade, mechanical seal,ABB motor,pump head is 36m 1

Double effects forced circuit evaporator


SUS304 material,full-auto PLC control, UK imported steam reduction and adjusting valve system, imported temperature sensor, differential pressure controller,use tower water for cooling

C-4 Batch storage tank 5000L Material is SUS304 stainless steel, single layer, digital show thermometer,sample valve,airtight manhole, ladder, high/low level sensor, standing type off-side agitator, anti-eddy plate, CIP cleaning ball, adjustable supporters 2
C-5 Rotary pump 3~5T/H use food grade rubber as gasket, inside is mirrow polished, frequency controled 1
D sterilization and filling system      
D-1 Tube-in-tube sterilizer 1.5-2T/H SUS304 stainless steel, tube-in-tube type,full-auto PLC controlled, cooling by tower water, UK imported sprirax sarco steam reducing and adjusting system, sterilization temperature is 110℃,60S 1
D-2 Deaerator 1.5-2T/H full-automatic,working with tube-in-tube sterilizer 1
D-2 Aseptic filler 1.5-2T/H Sterilized by steam, auto-control, single filling head 1
E CIP system      
E-1 Semi-autmatic cip system 2T×3 External layer of CIP liquid storage tank is SUS304 stainless steel,inner is SUS316L,volume of CIP acid/alcali tanks are 2000L , with coil tubes inside of tanks for steam heating the CIP liquid, temperature is auto controled, one cleaing circuit, USA acid/alcali adding system, with small troley for acid/alcali concentrate storage barrel, one centrifugal pump(20T/h,pump head 36m) 1
R CIP return pump 20T/H food sanitary grade, self-priming, mechanical seals 2
Total equipment price
G project installation and others      

Product piping system

(National standard)

include CIP pipes, product piping system, valves, meters in the main workshop, SMS standard, include installation material for CIP system 1

Non-product system

(National standard)

include all steam piping, cold water piping, tap water and compressed air piping, not include the insulation for the pipes 1

Electric cabinets

( National standard)

include all the electric control boxes in the main workshop, and also include the closets in the local site(made of stainless steel),include electric control box for the CIP system 1

electric distributing system

( National standard)

include the electric cable and bridges, cables, and control system, design a master control box in central, with separate control box at exact point to control exact processing part, prepare reserved button for future additional use

G-5 Inland freight   Send to shanghai port 1
Mango juice processing line mango juice processing plant costMango juice processing line mango juice processing plant costMango juice processing line mango juice processing plant cost
Mango juice processing line mango juice processing plant cost

Condition: New
Brand name: Shanghai Beyond;
Type: whole processing Line/turnkey project/fruit and vegetables processing/dairy processing/beverage processing
Voltage: 220v/380v
Power(W): 100-200kw
Weight: Different size different weight/customized
Dimension(L*W*H): Different size different dimension/customized
Certification: CE&ISO
Warranty: 12 months/1 year
After-sales Service Provided: Engineers available to service machinery overseas
Main material: SUS304 or SUS316
Control type: automatic, semi-automatic
Energy consumption: Low consumption with high efficiency
Capacity: 500-10000L/H-customized
Installation period: 1-3months
Period time: 30 days-120 days

Cups material: pouches, paper box, glass bottle, pet bottle, glass bottle

Product storage condition: room temperature; low temperature;

Mango washing machine

Advantages of surfing mango washing machine:

The washing water can be recovered after filtration.

The circulating water pump continuously provides strong water flow to wash the fruit.

The cleaning tank is made of 1.5mm stainless steel, and the transmission shaft is made of stainless steel.

It can work alone or with other mango juice processing machines.

Mango preheating and softening

Put mango in boiling water for 3-5 minutes to inactivate or destroy polyphenol oxidase, stabilize color and improve flavor. Preheating also eliminates air from the raw material. In this way, we can prevent oxidation and browning of mango and soften mango pulp to promote pulping and juice extraction.

Mango peeling and pulping

This mango pulper integrates the functions of mango peeling, coring and pulping. As a special processing machine for mango juice, it can completely remove the core and peel of mango and reduce the loss of mango pulp as much as possible. The pulp recovery rate is as high as 99.5%. The production capacity is from 5t / h to 20t / h.

Related machinery of fruit processing line
Fruit storage silo-- Washing, sorting machine-- Grading/classifier machine
Squeeze extractor--Juice refiner—separator—evaporator-- Juice concentrate product
Fruit flesh/pulp collector-sterilizer--filling machine—fruit flesh
Essential oil refiner—fruit oil
Fruit residues collector—animal feed
Soaking extraction, pre-cooking, pulping, quick freeze, stemmer, ultra-filtration, decolor, destoner, crusher, stone washer, brusher washer, pine apple extractor, refiner, enzymolysis, filtration, CIP cleaning system

Mango juice processing line mango juice processing plant cost

Service flow chart

Mango juice processing line mango juice processing plant cost

Company information
Mango juice processing line mango juice processing plant cost
Mango juice processing line mango juice processing plant cost
Mango juice processing line mango juice processing plant cost

Our services
Mango juice processing line mango juice processing plant cost

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Mango juice processing line mango juice processing plant cost

Mango juice processing line mango juice processing plant cost

Packaging & Shipping
Mango juice processing line mango juice processing plant cost


1 ) Q: How can we visit your factory?
A: If you come from abroad, air to shanghai airport, then we can pick you up at airport.

2) Q: How do you ensure the quality of your products?
A: Our Company is a state owned enterprise with more than 16 years experience , strict operation policy is performed, advanced processing machines guarangtee the precision of all components, workers with operation license, parts get multiprocessing, transmission& electrical parts are of international famous brand. Series of test and inspection are done in the whole producing state.

3) Q: What payment methods your company accept?
A: We accept most of the payment methods , but mainly accept T/T, L/C at sight .

4) Q: How long is the warranty time for your products?
A: Our officially promised warranty time is 12 months after commissioning .

5) Q: I am new in this field,can you supply us turnkey services?
A: YES.We can supply all the system including Market Analysis/Product Analysis/Location Choice/Processing Flow Design/Equipment Layout Design/Building Design direction/Equipment mode selection/Equipment Manufacturing/Equipment Mounting/Equipment Debugging/Worker Training.

6) Q: I haven't done business with you company before, how can I trust your company ?
A: Our company has been in for 14 years, which is longer than most of our fellow suppliers, we have been golden suppliers for years. What ' s more, we have got quite a lot authority certificates, for example, CE, ISO9001, Alibaba onsite check certificate.

7) Q: What ' s the shipment terms and delivery time of your company?
A: Well, the delivery time depend on the quantity of your order. Usually is 20 days . For some customized machine 30 days is necessary.

8) Q: Can you supply OEM services?
A: Yes,we have our R&D team,and we have more than 400 workers with workshop area 75000 square meters.

9) Q: Do you give any Discount?
A: I will surely try my best to help you get those by the best price and good service at the same time.

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